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to finding the watts company, elroy worked for governor john engler of michigan. he, like me, is from detroit michigan and is a graduate of moorehouse college. thank you, elroy. [applause] >> next, albert sanders jr. come on down. albert sanders jr. is counsel to the united states committee on the judiciary. he's a principal legal and policies adviser, the assistant majority leader to senator deck durbin from illinois, chairs the committee on constitution, civil rights and human rights. he offers counsel on issues ranking from privacy, finances reform and he was named to the luke's 21 under 40 list. mr. sanders earned his become a. in political science from moorehouse college in 2001, there after, completed a certificate at wharton business school, while getting his law degree from the university of pennsylvania, where he was president of the path in 2004. he's a member of the state bar of california and the district of columbia bar. [applause] >> andre d. washington, senior sociology major from hinesville, georgia, who currently serves as the 81st student association government president for
of staff of the house leadership conference. he is from detroit, michigan, and a graduate of morehouse college. thank you. next, robert sanders jr. he is counsel to the united states committee on the judiciary. he is of principal policy advisor to senator dick durbin of illinois. he chairs the committee on civil rights and human rights. he offers council on issues ranging from cyber security to campaign finance reform and civil rights. he was recently named on the 40 under 40 list. he earned his b.a. in political science from morehouse college in 2001. thereafter, he completed study at wharton business school, getting a law degree from the university of pennsylvania, where he was president in 2004. he is a member of the bar. [applause] 'sanre -- anre washington is the student government association president of morehouse college. he is a passionate advocate for all students. one of his goals is achieving 100% voter registration on the college campus. he also has a focus on increasing student safety through partnerships with the atlanta city council, and the atlanta police department.
and communities. we are not going to lead detroit go bankrupt or toledo go bankrupt. manufacturing. i will make that bet any day of that is paying off for america out. audience: we love you, obama! >> three years later, the american auto industry comes back, 200 and -- nearly 350,000 new jobs, so it is funny seeing governor romney and governor casey, and others who have tried to rewrite history and now that you are back on your feet. these are the folks who said if we went back on our plan you can kiss the american automotive industry goodbye. now they are saying it was their idea all along. seriously. or what they are saying is the problem is that you, the workers, made out like bandits in this whole thing, that we did this whole thing because it is all about paying back unions. really? even by the standard of political campaigns, that is a lot of you know what. workers made some of the biggest sacrifices. 700,000 retirees sought a reduction in the health benefits they earn. the hours were reduced, pay and wages were scaled back. you gave up of promise and was made for you for the sake of fell
down here. >> speak a little slower and a little louder. >> i'm from detroit, michigan. my question is for anyone that wants to address this question. you kind of spoke about the consistency of just african americans being active in the political process of things of that nature and we make that almost sound like an issue of our generation when that's an issue of every generation. iment to know besides just saying how active we aren't in the process, how can we kind of keep people active all year round? >> well, what we've done actively, coming out of -- >> hold on a second. >> we recently had a conference called nacep. i forget the acronym but for student leaders and we had about 35 and we came together and built a coalition. and we now have a hbc unified registration drive. working together to get all the campuses registered. the thing about it is we are doing this in concert working under the radar so we haven't done press releases and talked to big news organizations because we're not interested in having the publicity. we're interested in getting the job done. there's some grea
. a lot of them here in ohio. when some of these other folks said which of the detroit go bankrupt, when this abbas to walk away from an industry that supports one in eight jobs in ohio, i said we are not going to go that way. andbet on american workers three years later, the american auto industry has come roaring back with nearly 250,000 jobs. [applause] now you have a choice. we can give more tax breaks to corporations that ship jobs overseas or we can start rewarding corporations and companies that offer up new plants and for our creating new jobs might here in ohio, right here in the united states of america. right here. i understand my opponent has been running around ohio. crowd: boo! don't boo, vote. vote. but he has been running around ohio claiming he is going to roll up his sleeves and take the fight to china. [laughter] now, here is the thing -- his experience has been owning companies that were called pioneers in the business of outsourcing jobs to countries like china. he made money investing in companies that up routed from here and went to china. pioneers. ohio, you canno
screen if you would like to dial in to participate in our conversation. detroit, michigan, good morning. caller: this is the first time i have ever gotten through. thank god for c-span. it's amazing how many times the best programming on the air is on c-span and i have 300 channels. i have been studying this particular issue for 40 years in university. i do not know how much time you're going to give me, but i will tell you the main thing here is why by the caliph you're getting the milk for free? almost everything the union does benefits all the people in the union. all the people working there and working people who do not belong to a union. i spent 30 years at general motors. if you give all of us the option of getting all the services for free or paying for it, what you think most people choose? host: any response for that caller, mr. williams? guest: i hope things are going well for you in your part of the country. there is a lot of credence to the fact that if people cannot see the benefits of a negotiated contract, can see the benefit on wages, welfare, security when it comes to
in this state, and just a few years ago when the auto industry was what was in hismo playbook? what detroit go bankrupt. do you remember that? think about that would have mean not just for ohio but for america. if america had thrown in the towel just like that, and gm and chrysler would not be there. even ford could have gone down as well, a production shutdown, factories shut. once proud companies shut down and sold for scrap, and all the men and women who built those companies, you would have been spent for good. we did not run that play. more than 1 million americans across the country would have lost their jobs in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the great depression. across the midwest it would have been another great depression, and it is not just workers. think about everybody who depends on you -- schoolteachers, small-business owners, the server in the diner who knows your order before you walk in, the bartender who knows your order before you walk-in. their livelihood is at stake as well, and so is something else. how many auto workers were on the assembly line, but your
and bound to detroit that could have been a very serious disaster in which the administration's reaction was not seen as sure footed. it is amazing that we are here just about two months before the next election and it is somehow seen that the president has an advantage on these issues. i guess the main that has not been mentioned could be the killing of osama bin laden in may 2011, and the president abandoning some of the policies that were so controversial early in his term. i will start with you ben, maybe you want to add other factors about how we have gotten to this place. terrorism and national security issues and how democrats feel they are such an advantage. and how they feel like they can waive them like a flag at their convention here it seems like republicans are on the run over those issues. mitt romney did not mention afghanistan and the loss over this whole area with seen as a real advantage for republicans. >> think you are. and thank you all for coming out. -- thank you. it is great to have people gathered over a topic as not plan significantly in an election. there was a
fundamentalist group that wants to detroit frdoms we believe in, not to mention our best ally in the entire region, israel. and israel's the only place over there that we can count on if everything goes wrong. and so our state department and the administration and previous administrations have made these kinds of mistakes and we have been strangely, strangely, strangely silent. so i just like to end up by saying to my colleagues we should profit from our past mistakes. we should make sure that we don't try to nation build. we can't make the world over in our image. it's not possible. we have to work with unsavory leaders sometimes, people that we don't like, that we don't think are good people because of stability in the region and because of america's interest. our interests ought to be number one. the protection of our country ought to be number one. the protection of our soldiers and the people who go to war and the people of this country ought to be number one. and of secondary importance are the lives of these people in these countries that are radical. . that ought to be our number on
. good he said we should lead detroit go bankrupt. he said we should let the housing market hit bottom. he took the chinese side on the tired debate, so as americans think about what is before them, if they want to choose a president who is going to make the right decision for middle- class families and workers and not take us back to an environment based on special rules and tax rates for high income people and the regulation of wall street, the choice is clear. president obama is your choice if wld you care about is a strong economy of the middle class. >> you want to make the closing benediction? >> i would say i have the easy job today, and that is to say thank you to our moderators. good good economic policy making is about setting priorities, recognizing resources, and making choices. it is about intellectual and political. the subtext of this debate is that we and the administration face huge challenges. they have found the ability to make the best decision and take the right path, however tuffet is. -- tough it is. none of them are easy, but we appreciate the willingness to tal
in detroit, thanks for holding. you are on the air. caller: thank you for dealing with my call. -- taking my call. i am dealing with a nightmare. i work for chrysler and i was hurt on my job. the landing gear on the trailer was welded and it collapsed and the thing fell over. i got banged up. i am dealing in a state where the lawyers, doctors, even the government, the state magistrates, they favored corporate. chrysler just got all this money and they are begging to stay alive. the unions are not worth anything. at least those that i'm dealing with. their doctors that are lying. they have lawyers that are lying. they have a government that is stacking the deck with a magistrate. what can i do with time running out? host: mr. mendeloff? caller: i would think there are a couple of different possibilities, most of them are legal. some of them might be a legislator who is sympathetic to your cause. but this is not going to be easy, obviously. i do not know whether a legal aid office would be willing to take your case, or at least suggest where you might go to get some relief without paying an ar
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)